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In the 30+ years of my career I've become very adept at interpersonal relations... especially facing, achieving & excelling at challenging life moments, engaging in positive client liaison interactions, creating 'win/win' scenarios, targeted strategic business development, global corporate diplomacy, international private banking operations & compliance, the many facets of marketing communications... including event [conferences, special events, retreats, concerts]  planning, promotion, marketing and production.  

Personally 'hardwired' with natural diplomatic & collaborative skills ~ I'm a natural problem solver.  In reflecting on all of the professional things I've done in my life, I always bring positive energy, enthusiasm, joy, commitment, compassion...   clarity & focus... to all my work.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration.  I began my career with CIGNA, and worked for 17 years in the healthcare software industry holding increasingly responsible management roles.  Then for 12 years as a senior client liaison doing global corporate diplomacy with foreign government ministers and officials, their intermediaries, international banks, their Officers and Private Clients [inclusive of being a legal signatory on many top client, private global bank accounts] ~ as a Senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in international finance.  

Reflectively, I really value these varied international career experiences... and the unique global, regional, multi-cultural & multi-lingual perspectives they've brought to my life and work.

Life Improvement Mentoring  -or- Motivational Speaking
[plus travel expenses, depending on the specific requirements of each client assignment.]
All service fees to be  discussed & determined on a personal, need-by-need basis.
Services include:

*  Discrete, confidential, high level, private counsel & advisement.   Problem solving.
   [I've many times during my career earned & held my clients complete trust

*  Senior Client Liaison Communication   * Diplomatic Conflict Mediation & Resolution

*  Strategic Planning   * Targeted Business Development    * International Private Banking

*  Transformative Conference,  Special Event,  Seminar,  Concert,  Retreat ~ 
    Planning, Organization, Marketing, Promotion & Production.

*  Life Centering Mentoring:   Unique Life Gifts, Skills, Passions & 'Loves' Recognition.
   What are those things you really 'love' to do, those things for which you have great
   passion.  I help you refine your focus & intentions, learn what these things mean
   to you, what will you ultimately decide to do, to take action, to improve various
   areas of your life and to make it compelling and exciting again, extraordinary
   and meaningful.
Then identify & refine in order of priority, with YOU, those most pressing items... bring clarity to them, take action to bring them to fruition, and completion, accomplishing a new sense of calm and success to your life, in your career, family, company, volunteer organization and/or foundation.
This is what I do best.
Utilizing compassion, care and concern, my best natural gifts & skills are attuned to first ~ ask questions, listen closely and get a visceral sense for who you truly are; and what are the greatest, most important, immediate goals, needs and concerns in your life.
According to Gary Zukov, who is a true master in teaching people how to live fulfilling lives, you will result in living a heart centered:  "...empowered, fully authentic life in complete alignment with your soul."